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Aequilibritas E-Sports was founded in January 2016, the Community based in League of Legends growing so fast that within 6 months AeQ was well known in the German League of Legends scene,
Tobias Schrepfer (CEO & Founder) and Lucas Sude (CEO & Head of E-Sports) managed to build out of this Community now a Company (NorthCom E-Sports UG). Together with their friends, members & players AeQ become a team to compete at the higesht level! With a familiar goal and the willing success we become the underdog, the hidden champion, the team that is doing impossible things.

Aequilibritas E-Sports builded & formed with people who love to beeing together in an enviornment that supports everyone to be what they ever want to be in a world full of games & dreams.

We are equal, We are Aequilibritas.

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