flag Germany
Game: Apex Legends
Founded: 2018
Manager: Dominik "Johnknacker" Schweizer
Captain: Melvin "OddFluffy" Johansson
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Rotating player


Mikael Nikkinen

25 year old

flag Finland
Rotating player

Hi, my name is Mikael Nikkinen. I’ve been playing games since i was little my first touch of fps games was Americas Army that my dad played. After that i played CoD 1 and 2 following my brothers footsteps until WoW came out and I got my first own PC.

Ever since been playing WoW with mixed fps game here and there. When Apex game out i was hyped cause i knew i would be good in a mobility based FPS game and started grinding ELC tournament with my friends and from there on out i have been trying to reach the top by being the best I can be.

I’m 25 my hobbies have always revolved around gaming, been gaming since I rember but the first fps game I played was Call of Duty 1 and build my first computer at the age of 10, after that I played WoW for 10 years.